How to stop Autoplaying videos on Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome

Autoplaying videos follow every user around the online world these days. In the history, these worked to be Flash videos and could just be stopped by only stopping flash on your web browser. Anyway, as the internet has moved to remarkable technologies such as videos HTML5, so have autoplaying videos. Mostly, these autoplaying videos aim [ ] The post How to stop Autoplaying videos on Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome appeared first on Technyo.


Touch ID Will be Integrated into iPhone 8 Display

The iPhone is guessed to arrive sometime later current year, but leading up to that arrival date there is a lot of back-and-forth going on. Apple Touch ID And while much of the focus was being applied to the screen of Apples upcoming flagship iPhone, this week has noticed the lion’s share of the attention [ ] The post Touch ID Will be Integrated into iPhone 8 Display appeared first on Technyo.

Lenovo Yoga Book Review

Lenovo Yoga book feel and look When we primary took the Lenovo yoga Book out of its box, we were shocked by how little it actually is. It is almost impossibly win – thinner full than Apple ultralight MacBook but thinner than any current iPad version when closed. We truly like the matte black texture [ ] The post Lenovo Yoga Book Review appeared first on Technyo.

How to buy best headphones

Buying headphones is lot more hard than it seems, for the reason that of the sheer volume of choices spread across different price ranges. Headphones also come in different fits, sizes and shapes, which makes it vital to decide actually what type of headphones you want based on how you intend to use them. Follow [ ] The post How to buy best headphones appeared first on Technyo.

Webroot Vs Avast

Find the best antivirus program for you by comparing security features of Webroot Vs Avast. Everyone knows that Antivirus play a vital role in security of computer and also in phone. It will protect your computer and mobile from malware, threats and serious viruses. See our Latest Post about How to remove Virus from Phone. [ ] The post Webroot Vs Avast appeared first on Technyo.

Xbox Scorpio Features and Specificaitons Announced

Microsoft may not have exposed the right Xbox Scorpio price or launch date but it did verify Xbox Scorpio features. Xbox Scorpio specifications Optional Drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray Hard Drive: 1.TB 2.5-inch Memory bandwidth 326GB Memory GDDR5 12 GB GPU 40 customised compute units at 1172 MHz Project Scorpio central processing unit 8 custom x [ ] The post Xbox Scorpio Features and Specificaitons Announced appeared first on Technyo.

Total VPN review

Launched in 2014, Total VPN is a very newcomer to the VPN market. It goals to entice users with a free plan, which restricts the user to 3 servers in the Singapore, Iceland, Netherlands with a 2Mbps data cap, data is limitless, though, and Total VPN appears in a wonderful, simple-to-use app. Features TotalVPN is [ ] The post Total VPN review appeared first on Technyo.

Facebook to Offer Free Version of Workplace

Facebook will provide a free edition of Workplace, its messaging feature for businesses, that it trusts will challenge the booming rival slack and the beginner Microsoft teams. The latest free version, declared by Facebook current week, joints a previously declared paid version that premiered previous year. Workplace is an element of rising list of products [ ] The post Facebook to Offer Free Version of Workplace appeared first on Technyo.

iOS 11 Tipped Again to Kill 32-Bit App Support

With the crush of iOS 10.3 beta one, the firm primary begun showing alert dialogue boxes to all 32-bit application users. Now, a new report point outs that all support for 32-bit applications will be get rid of with the introduction of iOS 11. 32-bit applications Famous developer Steven Troughton-Smith shows anonymous sources to claim [ ] The post iOS 11 Tipped Again to Kill 32-Bit App Support appeared first on Technyo.

Spire Vs Wellbe

Spire The spire is a device for breathing control rates, when we monitor the way our breath feedback when faced with varying tasks; we discover that the breath rates are not the same. We tend to breathe more frequently when the challenge is Scarry or needs lots of power. It has been stated clearly that [ ] The post Spire Vs Wellbe appeared first on Technyo.