Lenovo P2 Review, A Mid Range Mobile Phone

After launching the Lenovo K6 Note and Lenovo K6 Power in December, the firm has kicked off 2017 with the release of the Lenovo P2. The Smartphone was primary unveiled at IFA previous year and is coming in India within 4 months of its international debut. The big show up of the P2 mobile phone, [ ] The post Lenovo P2 Review, A Mid Range Mobile Phone appeared first on Technyo.


Microsoft Reveals Windows 10’s Second Big Update Is Coming Later Current Year

While all the focus is presently targeted on Window 10 Creators update, which is guessed to be rolled in April or May, the launch timeline of company’s second big Window 10 update for 2017 has now been exposed by the company. The Redmond-based firm has exposed that get second big spec update that was declared [ ] The post Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 s Second Big Update Is Coming Later Current Year appeared first on Technyo.

How to Add and Compete with Friends in Super Mario Run

The social part of Super Mario Run lets you match your scores from the tour with friends, additional compete with internet players in the rally mode. This is a race against the clock to obtain the high amount of coins against someone else and get the most toads encouraging you on. Both score and rally [ ] The post How to Add and Compete with Friends in Super Mario Run appeared first on Technyo.

Qualcomm X20 Gigabit LTE Modem Unveiled

Qualcomm declared its first Gigabit LTE modem – the X16 Snapdragon LTE – previous year, and even before it arrives on a smartphone, its successor has been revealed. The firm took the wraps off the X20 Snapdragon LTE modem, and it brings quicker average and download speeds. The firm claims that the modem will improve [ ] The post Qualcomm X20 Gigabit LTE Modem Unveiled appeared first on Technyo.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

Technology monsters such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google among others have forever advocated permit two-step confirmation to include more security. If you still don’t use two-step confirmation, we advised enabling the security spec. Social network monster owned WhatsApp is now rolling out support for two-step confirmation for all users. The latest two-step confirmation is [ ] The post How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp appeared first on Technyo.

YouTube to Ditch Thirty Second Unskippable Ad Format in 2018

Google has declared that it is planning to ditch the thirty second unskippable advertisement format on video site, which present right before a video begins, from upcoming year onwards. The firm is reportedly looking at other plans to present advertisements that can job excellent for both viewers and the advertisers. Google statement The search monster [ ] The post YouTube to Ditch Thirty Second Unskippable Ad Format in 2018 appeared first on Technyo.