How to Dub Videos in iMovie

Dubbing is the procedure of extracting the audio from a video clip, removing that audio and subbing in your own. It jobs in a range of ways.


Best budget phones to buy in 2017

Yep, there are some amazing Smartphone doing the rounds right now. From Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel, they are all very remarkable but they come at a cost. If you don’t want to have to remortgage your house every time you pick up a latest smartphone upgrade, here are some top [ ] The post Best budget phones to buy in 2017 appeared first on Technyo.

How to know if Your PC is Infected with a Virus

We all know PC viruses – and other types of malware – can cause issues ranging from irritating to catastrophic. Some virus replicates itself until it fill ups all accessible area on your hard drive, turning your PC into a brick. Other types corrupt data on your machine or make your PC unstable. No one [ ] The post How to know if Your PC is Infected with a Virus appeared first on Technyo.

Google Bans 200 Sites for Publishing Fake News

The war against publishers and fake news has been in high swing by Facebook. Google has now also joined the bandwagon and in its primary attempt, banned two hundred publishers from using Google ads. Google Bans The ban was part of a recent update to an existing policy that prohibits websites that mislead users with [ ] The post Google Bans 200 Sites for Publishing Fake News appeared first on Technyo.