Apple provides Refurbished iPhone 6 plus at a discount price

After iPads and Macs, Apple provides refurbished iPhone 6 plus at a discount. So if you want to get an iPhone at affordable rate, it is a best chance to get it.


Kodi on ps4

PlayStation is a very strong gaming console throughout the globe. Now, you may think that how would it be possible to install Kodi on gaming gadget? But the PS3 and PS4 also have media support. So, you can view why you are going to talk Kodi on PS4, PS3 download & install. Kodi for Play [ ] The post Kodi on ps4 appeared first on Technyo.

How to Stream PC Games with Windows 10’s Beam Feature

Microsoft now has built in live-streaming of video games through Beam with Window 10 Creators update, to permit you to telecast your personal computer exciting activity to your Xbox friends. Live-broadcast can be resource hog, so ensure you don’t have big background process running. Microsoft also suggests you to keep DVR Game turned off, which [ ] The post How to Stream PC Games with Windows 10 s Beam Feature appeared first on Technyo.

Google Spins VR Experiences on the Web

Google on Thursday declared compatibility of its WebVR on Chrome with its affordable Google Cardboard virtual reality system. It also released WebVR Experiments, an internet showcase for virtuality reality content in development. WebVR become accessible on Daydream-ready phones earlier current year. Chrome desktop supports for virtual reality headsets such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift [ ] The post Google Spins VR Experiences on the Web appeared first on Technyo.

Nintendo Switch Mini to Launch in 2019

Guess more variations of the Switch as Nintendo carry on to refines its house and moveable business technique. That is the statement from Citigroup, which says the fresh gadget is doing amazing, but is too large to really gather home and moveable gaming for every person. That’s why they guess the Kyoto-based firm to launch [ ] The post Nintendo Switch Mini to Launch in 2019 appeared first on Technyo.